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lol could hardly tell a word the squirrel was saying apart from something to do with a dark fire lord and writing answers in the corner of something.

To hemmatoe

Hemmatoe, what you say is right about the drums helping with coordination and such... but the guitar does help too, depending on how you play it...

i've been playing lead guitar for years now and i found guitar hero to help loads with individual finger control. If you use all four fingers and use them efficiently, it can actually develope a really good finger technique and improve speed and fluency.

Also before guitar hero i was really bad at multitasking, but thanks to the drums and singing along to some stuff, it really does help.

Although the Metallica one didnt really change my mind about lars being a cruddy drummer. (apart from earlier stuff) lol

Got a bit repetative quickly

well, it was a good cartoon and everything, it was interesting.

But in response, Achievements aren't just for bragging, if your like me, you play a game, you finish it, and you go trade it for another when you're done with it, achievements are a nice little souvinere from games you dont own anymore it's better than finishing a game and get nothing for it.

Besides, for dickweeds that say "uhh i hate people bragging about how many points they have"... for fuck sake! if you go on XBOX live or whatever thinking you're not going to bump into any competative people, then you're a retard, multiplayer = competative. it's easy to say the same about anyone who wins a Grammy award.. "what the hells the point in this silly little metal statue? why cant you be down to earth like everyone else and do all your hard work for nothing!

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very good

Really good! there's a few timing issues with the charts but it's still playable.

The music is frickin awesome apart from the Metropolis Zone theme, which is a complete rip off of Megadriver's version.

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i liked it.

I kinda liked it, the music was very nicely chosen, the difficulty wasn't TOO hard although you didn't get much time to see what arrow you're meant to press before it's whizzing past the circle.

My problem was the actual animation, it seemed a bit pointless and distracting from the main game element, since you need to watch the bar for the notes, you could'nt really take your eyes off it to see what was going on. Then at the same time, all the movement distracts you.

Would have been nice to have a longer bar so there'd be more time to react to the notes, but other than that it was a nice original game.


Not laptop friendly, but would be with some kind of "flip" option so the buttons aren't back to front. And for everyone who's praising the "Keytar" gimmick for being innovative, this isn't the first.

"frets of fire" actually invented the idea.

I can see this being a fun game but for a laptop, it's more of a brainteaser. The charts seem good and the songs are long (but a bit boring and repetative), and the graphics are very guitar hero style like the set list pencil/paper theme, which serves it's purpose as being a tribute as the author says GH is where the inspiration came from.

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I enjoyed listening to it, you can certainly sing and the harmonies are great. But it'd be better to hear a finished piece.

Naua responds:

Wow, thanks a lot man. Oh and yeah, Im still working on it. I like singing a capella because I hear more of my voice instead of loud cranky beats.


i really like this, it's alot better than Megadrivers version

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